Environmental Surveillance Laboratory


General Overview

The Division of Environmental Quality Surveillance Laboratory was established by the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands to provide monitoring data required under the Safe Drinking Water Act (P.L. 93-253) and other environmental programs. The data generated by the Laboratory are used to evaluate the quality of drinking and recreational waters in the Commonwealth. The elements of a basic quality control program are well defined by federal statutes. The manual best describes an overall program that meets and in some instances exceeds these requirements. Although the success of the program depends upon the training, professional pride and awareness of each individual technician, final responsibility for the reliability of reported analytical results rests with the Environmental Surveillance Laboratory Manager. The Laboratory Manager is responsible for review of the implementation of the plan and its requirements. The Microbiology and Chemistry Section Heads will be responsible for conducting mock on-site audits of their areas under the guidance of the Laboratory Manager using prepared check-off lists. The mock audit results are then reviewed by the Chemistry Certification Officer and Microbiology Certification Officer  who are responsible for instructing staff in how to rectify any deviations or deficiencies noted during the audit.