Cleanup Brigade


Adopt A Beach

The Adopt-a-Beach program is an anti-litter and beach clean up campaign intended to promote pride and natural resource stewardship in the Commonwealth. There are many benefits to the program. It

  • keeps our beaches clean and safe
  • enhances and preserves the environment
  • improves attractiveness of our beaches
  • increases public awareness of the effects of littering
  • reminds people not to litter.

Who can Adopt A Beach?

Families, schools, businesses and community-based organizations can participate in the year-round program by cleaning beaches, conducting litter monitoring and ensuring beautiful and clean marine waters.

Why Adopt A Beach?

The CNMI is beautiful - and we want to keep it that way. The condition of our beaches is a reflection on us, the people who live here. Adopting a beach shows pride in our island and is a great way to show that you and your organization care. Litter is not only unattractive; it is also harmful to the environment. Did you know it takes over one million years for plastic and Styrofoam containers to decompose? There are more reasons to adopt:

  • Learn about marine water issues and how to work toward solving these problems.
  • Serve your community through hands-on volunteer work.
  • Understand local governance and decision-making processes with regard to our lagoon.
  • Create a channel through which you can vocalize concerns about beach closings and other marine environmental issues.
  • Enjoy the beach with friends while making a difference!
  • Have Fun!


When to Adopt A Beach?

Groups can adopt a beach at any time. Participants agree to clean up a section of a beach or the entire beach park four (4) times a year (depending on the volume of anticipated litter) for at least one year. DEQ will supply litterbags and gloves for the adoption (upon request and availability of supplies).

How to Adopt a Beach?

Adoptions are made on a first come, first serve basis and waiting lists are maintained for the more popular beach areas. Joint adoptions (two or more organizations) are also encouraged. The following beaches are available:

  • Bird Island
  • Jeffrey's Beach
  • Old Man by the Sea
  • Tank Beach
  • Marine Beach
  • Forbidden Island
  • Dandan Beach
  • Ladder Beach
  • Unai Dankulu (Agigan beach)
  • Unai Dikiki (coral ocean point)
  • San Antonio Beach
  • Hopwood Beach
  • Chalan Piao Beach
  • San Isidro Beach Park (Latte 4)
  • Sugar Dock/Aquarius Beach
  • Saipan Community School
  • Kilili Beach
  • Civic Center Beach
  • San Jose Beach
  • Chalan Laulau Beach
  • 13 Fisherman
  • Fishing Base
  • Aboni Beach
  • Micro Beach
  • Una Sadog Tasi (lower base)
  • Tanapag Beach
  • Achugao Beach
  • San Roque School Beach
  • Paupau Beach

Participants can register with BECQ by signing the commitment form. After each cleanup, volunteers shall arrange for trash hauling and send in an activity report describing the hours worked. One person is designated as the “crew leader” to contact if the BECQ Adopt A Beach Coordinator has questions.


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