Groundwater Management

Well Drilling and Well Operations

Well Drilling



Any person, public or private, who is engaged or intends to engage in the drilling of wells, is required to apply for a Wells Driller’s License.  Such licenses are required not only of those who make a regular business of well drilling, but all who may construct

wells for their own purposes, for others as an incident to any lien of business activity, or for the exchange or barter of services.  A copy of the Well Driller’s License application form is available online or at the DEQ office. For more detailed information

please refer to section 4. of the well drilling and well operation regulations.

Well Operation


No person may operate a well or withdraw groundwater without a valid well operations permit issued by the Chief.  Upon satisfying all of the well drilling permit requirements, and prior to placing any new or significantly modified well into service (including monitoring wells), the applicant must submit a new well operations permit application to the Division.



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