Request for Proposals

BECQ currently has the following Request for Proposals and Scopes of Work available. All RFPS are provided as PDF files. Viewing and printing PDF files requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. files are organized by RFP Number:


RFP17-BECQ/DEQ-145 (Development of the "CNMI Sustainable Development Manual: Best Management Practices for Design, Construction, Operations and Green Business Practices")

Who is the point of contact for RFP17-BECQ-145?

The person to contact regarding questions shall be:

Leilani S. Deleon Guerrero, Manager, Toxic Waste Management Branch

Tel: 670.664.8500 Fax: 670.664.8540



RFP for UST Closure (former W-2 Service Station)

Who is the point of contact for RFP17-BECQ-001?

The person to contact regarding questions shall be:

Reina C. Camacho, Manager, Pesticide & Storage Tank Branch

Tel: 670.664.8500/8512 Fax: 670.664.8540

Email: |


How do I obtain the 2015 Environmental Site Assessment Report?

To receive a copy of this report, email . we are working on having this report available for viewing & downloading at


What is the primary purpose of the project?

  1. To permanently close the USTs - empty and clean the USTs by removing all liquids (product and water) and any accumulated sludges.
  2. All tanks may be removed from the ground, filled with an inert solid material, or closed in place.
  3. Collect 5 soil samples around the perimeter of the two USTs. Samples shall be analyzed for GRO, DRO, and ORO using EPA Method 8015M, VOCs (EPA 8260), SVOCs (EPA 8270) and total lead (EPA 6010) and organic lead by an EPA-approved method (e.g., Methods 8081 or 8270).
  4. Conduct two (2) groundwater monitoring events. The first shall be 90 days after UST closure; the second shall be performed 180 days after the first groundwater sampling event.


How many monitoring wells are at the site?

There are four (4) monitoring wells at the site.


What is the budget for this project?

  1. is approximately $43,000 available for the UST closure.


What is the mailing information to send the proposal?

All proposals shall be submitted to the Office of Procurement and Supply:

ATTENTION: Mr. Herman S. Sablan. Director of Procurement & Supply

Division of Procurement & Supply Department of Finance

P O Box 510008 Saipan, MP 96950