Proposal to Amend Pesticide Regulations (Nov 2016)

BECQ proposes to amend its Pesticide Management Regulation to adopt the new federal rule for Worker Protection Standards (WPS) under 40 CFR Part 170.   This proposed amendment seeks to protect and reduce the risks of injury or illness resulting from workers and pesticide handlers (those who mix, load and apply pesticides) use and contact with pesticides.  The WPS rule was first promulgated in 1992.  US Environmental Protection Agency revised the WPS rule as published in the Federal Register on November 2, 2015 with the goal of strengthening elements of the existing regulation, such as training, notification, pesticide safety and hazard communication information, use of personal protective equipment, and the providing of supplies for routine washing and emergency decontamination.  The current Worker Protection Standard as written in the CNMI Pesticide Regulation already includes Worker Protection Standard to protect worker safety for all commercial applicators. 

The proposed amendment to the pesticide regulation also seeks to assess a storage fee for Detained, Denied, and Impounded Shipments and publishes a list of banned pesticides.  

Please direct inquiries regarding pesticides, by emailing the BECQ Pesticides Branch.


Last Updated 10/5/2016