UST Class A/B Operator Training

The 2005 ENERGY POLICY ACT requires that all owners and operators of underground storage tanks be trained in relation to their responsibilities for underground storage tanks.  The Act specified three levels of operators;


If your certification shall be expiring, as an operator, it is your responsibility to be retrained according to your responsibility for the UST.  

At least one Class A and one Class B operator for each UST or group of USTs at a facility. Each individual who meets the definition of Class C operator at the UST facility must be designated as a Class C operator.  Class C operators must be employees of the UST system owner or operator.


Records verifying completion of training must be in hard-copy or electronic format for the Class A, Class B, and Class C operators.  The record, at a minimum, must identify name of trainee, date trained, and the specific area(s) of training that were completed.  This applies to computer-based training or in-class training.  

A copy of the certificate of completion must be maintained at the UST site at all times.  



The following is a list of approved training courses: 

American Petroleum Institute (API) and AnteaTM Group have joined forces to offer you an online Class A/B UST Operator Training program that meets both federal and state operator training requirements as mandated by the Federal Underground Storage Tank Compliance Act of 2005. Their online training is conveniently available 24 hours a day.  Pay for your training and/or exam with a credit card or token. After you register you will be prompted to pay for the training and examination. After you register, you can download the handbook. You can either save it or print it. The handbook is approximately 150 pages.  Allow between 4 and 6 hours to take the training or test prep course. You can start and stop the training as long as you like and as often as you like.  To access the training site, click here

ECS Eclipse has developed a combined Class A & B Operator training program that addresses all federal requirements for trainings and certification for the operator wishing to obtain certification as an A & B Operator.   This training is divided into 7 lessons.  Each lesson ends with a short quiz to test the student’s understanding of the material.  At the end of the training program there is a comprehensive exam.  The student must pass with an 85% or better on each quiz to proceed to the next lesson and receive a minimum an 85% on the final exam to pass the training.   The training was developed so that the operator may take the training at his/her own pace with the ability to stop at any time and start where s/he left off.   ECS Eclipse has developed a training workbook to be printed before beginning the training program which can be used to assist in taking notes during the training and may be used during the quizzes and exam.  The workbook reinforces the important aspects of the training and may be used for future reference if the student wishes to review his/her training.  To access the training site, click here

Practical American Safety Solutions [PASS].  This A/B training is custom tailored to meet the CNMI requirements (UST & AST Regulations).  The online course is available at just $179.99.  The course is available on demand, 24/7 and is accessible from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or phone. The training is also flexible, and may be stopped and restarted at any time. The content provides a mixture of images, video, and audio, to keep students engaged as they progress through the training.  You may review all chapters at once or a few at a time.  Once you have completed all of the chapters and associated quizzes, you will be able to take the final exam.  A score of 80% or higher is required to pass the exam and receive a certificate. To access the training click here

UST Training offers a Class C operator training program.  Completing this 30-minute course is an easy and effective way to meet the training requirements for a Class C Operator of an underground storage tank (UST) system in your state. Included are five brief interactive lessons, a short quiz, spill response handouts, an essential site-specific worksheet, and a certificate of completion once you pass the course.  To access the site, click here