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The CNMI Bureau of Environmental & Coastal Quality (BECQ) received Brownfields 128a funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 2004 for the development and enhancement of the BECQ-DEQ Brownfields Program or CNMI State Response Program. One element required under the Brownfields 128a funding is the development and maintenance of a Public Record for the CNMI State Response Program. The EPA’s goal is to enable states and tribes to make the public record easily accessible to the public via the internet or other means. The CNMI Public Record is accessible to the public on the BECQ website ( and in hard-copy versions at the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library (JKPL) and the Northern Marianas College Library.


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As indicated above, the CNMI Public Record is accessible to the public via internet ( and also in hard-copy versions at the local public library, the Joeten Kiyu Public Library ("JKPL").

Joeten-Kiyu Public Library (

Beach Road and Insatto Street

Saipan, MP 96950 (670) 235-7322 / 235-7329

Administrative Record Contact: Erlinda C. Naputi



Photo: Site Visit to Aguiguan Island (Jacob Lizama, Tom Pangelinan)

The Public Record provides information for sites at which response actions have been completed, ongoing, or are planned. The Public Record must be maintained and updated at least annually or more often as appropriate, as sites are assessed or cleaned. Indentified in the Public Record are the site name, location, category, response action(s), land use restrictions, institutional controls, and other information pertinent to the site. Public Record sites include all sites in the CNMI that have been assessed, planned to be assessed, and cleaned. More detailed site information is available at the BECQ main office, from the respective program and response action performed. The sites in the Public Record will be organized by the year in which it was added to the Public Record, beginning with the year 2009. 

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