Getting Around Saipan


Hertz daily rates for PIEC 2017

Compact $38

Midsize $42

Full size $58

Van $77

+10% concession fees

Reference: PIEC 2017

Room & Car Packages (must be arranged with Hotel directly)

Saipan Surfrider

Contact person: Galina

Tel: 235-7873

Fax: 234-7347



Serenti Hotel

Contact person: Nick Lim

Tel: 233-5201 or 235-5201

Fax: 234-7567



Century Hotel

Contact person: Vicky or Carlos

Tel: 233-1420 or 233-1425

Fax: 233-1424



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Islander Rent-A-Car daily rates for PIEC 2017

Subcompact $50.00

Compact $60.00 

Full Size $70.00

SUV (Mini) $80.00

SUV (Mid Size) $85.00

SUV (Full Size) $95.00

Mini Van $110.00

Pick-up $100.00

Sports Car $119.00

+15% Discount

For more information, please call 1-670-234-8233

or visit their website at

Commonwealth Transit Authority 

For Elderly, Veterans, & People with Disabilities:

**For more information, please contact COTA at 1-670-664-2690

  or visit their website at 

**For the COTA Call-A-Ride brochure, click here