Site Assessment and Remediation

BECQ-DEQ’s Site Assessment and Remediation ("SAR") branch protects the CNMI public health and the environment by ensuring the assessment and cleanup of sites contaminated by the release of hazardous substances are conducted effectively and diligently in accordance with CNMI and Federal laws and regulations.  The SAR branch is responsible for managing and implementing the following programs: 



Part of SAR's responsibilities is to facilitate the coordination and provide oversight for site assessments and cleanup activities which includes reviewing and approving of remedial response action site plans (i.e. Sampling and Analysis Plan ("SAP"), Quality Assurance Project Plan ("QAPP"), etc.).  For inquiries, you can contact our office at (670) 664-8500.

Last Updated 3/4/2019


Tropical Pacific Environmental Screening Levels

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Tanapag Fuel Farm Removal

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Managaha Island Cleanup Action

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