DEQ routinely provides education presentations at schools, community events, and at the workplace. Tours and sampling demonstrations at the DEQ Laboratory are also available. Appointments for presentations and tours are recommended. Call us at 664-8500 or 664-8501 today. You may also request for a presentation or demonstration tour request via

Volunteer With Us

BECQ staff and community volunteers meet every first Saturday of the month at 8am at a pre-chosen location.

Volunteers clean up the pre-chosen location for two hours. Cleaning materials like gloves and trash bags are provided by BECQ.

Collected trash is hauled away for disposal at the Marpi landfill, to prevent it from becoming marine debris.

Join Us in Our Next Clean Up

BECQ is committed to public environmental awareness and outreach activities to improve and restore our islands natural beauty. The monthly Clean Up Brigade was established in June 1997 upon suggestion by one of the participants in the Annual Island Wide Clean Up, which is held each year in conjunction with other International Earth Day events.

The Clean Up Brigade is composed of dedicated BECQ staff and community volunteers that meet the first Saturday of each month at a pre-chosen location at 8:00am. The Brigade cleans up for two hours and then hauls away trash for disposal at the Marpi Landfill, to prevent trash from becoming marine debris. Last year, over 7,000 lbs (3.5 tons) of trash has been collected from Saipan’s beaches and roadways!

Island Recycling

Recycle Year Long! Here is the list of recyclables accepted at the Lower Base Transfer Station.

Plastic – clean plastic jars * 5 gal plastic water jug * 5 gal plastic bucket * detergent & shampoo bottles * plastic bottles (mineral water, soda, pharmacy) NO plastic bags (grocery bags)

Metal/Steel – steel/tin food cans (clean & separate from alum. cans) * metal filing cabinet * roofing tins & stainless steels * scrap metals (e.g., rebars, galv. pipes,) * 55-gallon steel drum

Aluminum– aluminum soda & beer cans (clean) * aluminum foil & pans (clean) * aluminum food cans (clean) Note:the Transfer station pays $0.75 per kilo for aluminum.

Paper– paper boards* brochures &
pamphlets* junk mail * envelopes*
wrapping papers & paper bags * shredded
papers * letterhead papers * newspapers
* memos * post-it notes * magazines &
catalogs * calendar pads * comic books * colored papers & prints * phone books* tablet papers * text books * computer printout papers * typing & fax papers *
copy machine papers * folders

Glass – clean glass bottles (blue, brown, green, clear) * glass jars (rinse clean & remove metal lids) * door/window glass (non- laminated)

Cardboard– clean and flattened corrugated cardboard boxes * cereal & food container boxes * egg cartons * milk & juice cartons paper boards